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The Social Cyber Group has a global network of senior social science researchers and calls on them to help deliver our projects according to need. The Group serves as the hub of an international knowledge trust that helps optimise information ecosystem value.



Adam P. Henry has managed and researched education policy, including for cyber  policy,  in several roles, including as Director of Education and Research Programs at Fifth Domain and Accenture. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at the UNSW Canberra Cyber and participates in other key projects and programs. He has been invited to speak at major conferences in Australia and the United States. He has extensive experience in digital and cyber leadership -- including transformation, developing, leading and executing technology business solutions and strategies. He is a thought leader in this field, pushing the boundaries with his research while implementing practical solutions to this global issue.


The Social Cyber Group  invites social science researchers with some distinction in its fields of interest and strong commitment to its values to serve as Fellows for two years. Fellows are appointed by competitive selection.  Interested researchers can contact Professor Glenn Withers

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