The Social Cyber Institute (SCI) and Blended Learning International (BLI) join forces to deliver exciting international learning experiences with high business and policy relevance. Our partners in similar professional education activities in the past two years have included the Korea Development Institute and  the Global Development Learning Network of the World Bank. Details of our bespoke courses on on Climate Change Mitigation in association with these partners can be found at the link. The leaders of SCI and BLI rely on decades of experience in university-based and professional education in the US, the UK, Australia and Asia. To cater for participants from the Western Pacific through Asia to Africa and Europe, and to deliver high quality guest lecturers, our programs are offered by interactive remote access. We offer:  

Master Classes

  • ·Social Cyber Business (February 2023)

  •  Cyber War and Conflict (February 2023)

  • ·Responsible State Behaviour in Cyberspace (April 2023)

Professional Education Programs

  •  Digital Futures (March 2023)

  •  Cyberspace Policy Issues in the IndoPacific (March 2023)

Executive Certificates 

  • Executive  Certificate in Resilience Policy


Customised options for your business 

Contact: Academy Director lisa.materano@socialcyber.co