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Institute: Webinar on Japan and Australia

Video here: On 5 March, we hosted a webinar on Cyber Policy responses by Japan and Australia to the Russia/Ukraine War.  The webinar featured a presentation by Mihoko Matsubara drawing on her book, ‘ウクライナのサイバー戦争’[Ukraine’s Cyber War] which was published in Japanese in August 2023. Ms Matsubara is Chief Cyber Strategist with NTT in Tokyo. The second presentation on Australian policy was from Professor Greg Austin, co-author of the recent IISS report, ‘Impact of the Russia–Ukraine War on National Cyber Planning: A Survey of Ten Countries’, and adjunct Professor at the Australia China Institute at the University of Technology Sydney. Greg is a co-founder of the Social Cyber Institute. The webinar addressed how the two governments have adjusted their national policies in response to cyber operations by Russia, Ukraine and their allies in their war now underway for two years. The discussion also analysed future options and challenges.

Institute: Comment on ASIO Threat Assessment

On 4 March, Greg Austin posted an short commentary tin he The Conversation, sayng that ASIO was to be commended for its successes and transparency but that some elements of the latest threat assessment appeared confusing.   Read here. 


Institute: Fellows Program

With effect from 1 March 2024, the Social Institute (SCI) has introduced a Fellows’ program to create opportunities for specialists in the field to gain additional recognition for their work, to develop their skills, and to contribute to our work for mutual benefit and public interest. Further details can be found here.

Institute: Call for Papers

On 1 March 2024, the Institute issued an open call for proposals for research papers or policy briefs in the field of social cyber security for publication in our online working paper series. Further details can be found here.

Institute: Commentary on China's Military Buildup

In Australian Outlook on 19 February, Professor Greg Austin challenged claims by the Australian government that China's military buildup has been the largest and most ambitious of any country since 1945.  He offered comparisons with the Soviet buildup from 1962 to 1985 and the US buildup from 1949 to 1972. Read it here.

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