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Video material

Cyber Policy Responses by Japan and Australia to the Russia/Ukraine War

SCI 5 March 2024: Mihoko Matsubara, Greg Austin, Glenn Withers 

This is a selection of videos featuring Social Cyber members since our establishment in 2019. (Click on the title to view.)

Cyber Capabilities and National Power (Volume 2)

IISS - 7 September 2023: Greg Austin, Saskia van Genugten, Julia Voo


Russia, Ukraine and offensive cyber options

IISS - 24 February 2022: Greg Austin, Nadya Kostyuk, Eneken Tikk, James Crabtree


Cyber Capabilities and National Power: A Net Assessment

IISS - 30 June 2021: Greg Austin, Gil Baram, Elina Noor, James Crabtree


China's weak cyber defences

IISS - 3 June 2020, Greg Austin, Simone Dossi, Tim Huxley


US coercive cyber campaigns: methodology and assessment

IISS - 20 November 2020, Greg Austin, Max Smeets, Franz-Stefan Gady

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