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LinkedIn - 27 March 2022, Greg Austin

Russia ICT Sector in Freefall?

Nikkei Asia - 29 June 2021, Greg Austin

China is not the cyber superpower that many people think


IISS - 18 February 2021, Greg Austin

SolarWinds attack underlines importance of US cyber-security upgrades

IISS - 1 October 2020, Greg Austin and Alexander Stronell

Why Putin’s Call for a US/Russia Cyber Reset Will Fall on Deaf Ears 

IISS - 14 August 2020, Greg Austin

5G Debate: Challenges Still Ahead

The Conversation, 30 June 2020, Greg Austin

Morrison’s $1.3 billion for more ‘cyber spies’ is an incremental response to a radical problem

China Story Blog, 19 June 2020, Greg Austin

China’s cyber defence weakness: military consequences

Disruptive Asia, Volume 3, Asia Society Australia

Digital China: Has Australia Been Spooked?, Greg Austin 

IISS Blog, 20 January 2020, Greg Austin

Can there be any winners in the US-China Tech War

The Conversation. 15 October 2019, Greg Austin

Australia is facing a looming cyber emergency, and we don’t have the high-tech workforce to counter it

The Conversation, 16 May  2019, Greg Austin

US ban on Huawei likely following Trump cybersecurity crackdown – and Australia is on board

The Conversation. 11 April 2019, Greg Austin

Australia is vulnerable to a catastrophic cyber attack, but the Coalition has a poor cyber security track record

The Conversation, 10 January 2019, Greg Austin

Should cyber officials be required to tell victims of cyber crimes they’ve been hacked?

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