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(Click on a titles to view an article from an SCI fellow)

Lowy Interpreter, 7 May 2024, Brendan Walker-Munro

Securing Australia's Quantum Technology

The Conversation, 23 April 2024, Dan Swantesson

Elon Musk vs Australia: global content take-down orders can harm the internet if adopted widely


The Conversation, 4 March 2024, Greg Austin

Over-emphasising some things, underplaying others: ASIO’s threat assessment is underpinned by confusing logic 

Australian Outlook, 19 February 2024

China’s Military Buildup: the Biggest Since 1945?

The Conversation, 22 November 2023, Greg Austin

Forgiveness or punishment? The government’s proposed ‘safe harbour’ laws send mixed messages on cyber security

The Conversation, 18 August 2023, Greg Austin

The US navy is still more powerful than China’s: more so than the Australian government is letting on

The Conversation, 4 May 2023, Greg Austin 

Deterring China isn’t all about submarines. Australia’s ‘cyber offence’ might be its most potent weapon

The Conversation, 28 July 2020, Greg Austin

Explainer: why is the South China Sea such a hotly contested region?


LinkedIn - 27 March 2022, Greg Austin

Russia ICT Sector in Freefall?

Nikkei Asia - 29 June 2021, Greg Austin

China is not the cyber superpower that many people think


IISS - 18 February 2021, Greg Austin

SolarWinds attack underlines importance of US cyber-security upgrades

IISS - 1 October 2020, Greg Austin and Alexander Stronell

Why Putin’s Call for a US/Russia Cyber Reset Will Fall on Deaf Ears 

IISS - 14 August 2020, Greg Austin

5G Debate: Challenges Still Ahead

The Conversation, 30 June 2020, Greg Austin

Morrison’s $1.3 billion for more ‘cyber spies’ is an incremental response to a radical problem

China Story Blog, 19 June 2020, Greg Austin

China’s cyber defence weakness: military consequences

Disruptive Asia, Volume 3, Asia Society Australia, Greg Austin 

Digital China: Has Australia Been Spooked?

IISS Blog, 20 January 2020, Greg Austin

Can there be any winners in the US-China Tech War

The Conversation. 15 October 2019, Greg Austin

Australia is facing a looming cyber emergency, and we don’t have the high-tech workforce to counter it

The Conversation, 16 May  2019, Greg Austin

US ban on Huawei likely following Trump cybersecurity crackdown – and Australia is on board

The Conversation. 11 April 2019, Greg Austin

Australia is vulnerable to a catastrophic cyber attack, but the Coalition has a poor cyber security track record

The Conversation, 10 January 2019, Greg Austin

Should cyber officials be required to tell victims of cyber crimes they’ve been hacked?

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