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Adam P. Henry

Adam P. Henry is a Senior Fellow Partner in the Social Cyber Institute. He is a policy and program specialist in cyber security education, skills and workforce development.  He has instigated key pilot programs that are focused on growing and developing the required multifaceted multidisciplinary cyber skills within the economy. He was invited to participate as a SME in the 2017 Prime Minister's Cyber Taskforce, and has been invited to brief ministers, shadow ministers and government senior executives on these key topics to develop previous cyber strategies and initiatives. He has provided key research papers on cyberspace and has been fortunate to be invited globally on these key topics. He has had a broad cyberspace professional career spanning the APS,  a major consulting firm, academia, working in multiple start ups, his own consulting business and industry accelerators and clusters. This provides a unique skill set and understanding of the differing requirements of the Australian economy.  Adam is available to provide expert advice, high level briefings, policy and programme development and review, participate in workshops, research with both an Australian economy, labour market, defence and national security and international perspective. 

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