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This project analyses key policy challenges and controversies in the area of cyber war and peace. Professor Greg Austin is our senior adviser on this work. Some of the publications are referenced below, including authored or edited books, and a number of authored and co-authored articles, papers and book chapters.

Strategic Implications of China's Weak Cyber Defences (2020)

National Cyber Emergencies: The Return to Civil Defence (2020 Edited Book)

Cyber Security Education: Principles and Policy (2020 Edited Book)

Cybersecurity in China: The Next Wave (2018 Book)

Australia Rearmed! Future Needs for Cyber-Enabled Warfare (2016)

Creating Social Cyber Value as the Broader Goal (2020) (pp. 99-118)

Five years of cyber security education reform in China (2020) (pp. 173 - 19)

Twelve dilemmas of reform in cyber security education (2020) (pp. 208-21)

From Cyber Resilience to Civil Defence: contested concepts, elusive goals (2020)(pp. 10 - 30) 

US Policy: From Cyber Incidents to National Emergencies

(2020)(pp 31 - 59)

Are Australia's responses to cyber security adequate? (2017)(pp. 50-61)

Restraint and Governance in Cyberspace: Balancing War and Justice Imperatives' (2017)(pp. 215-234)

Robots Writing Chinese and Fighting under Water (2017)(pp. 271-290)

Middle Powers and Cyber-Enabed Warfare: The Imperative of Collective Security (2016)(pp. 23-56)

International Legal Norms in Cyberspace: Evolution of China's National Security Motivations (2016)

China’s Security in the Information Age (2015)(pp. 355 - 355)

Promoting International Cyber Norms: A New Advocacy Forum (2014)

A Measure of Restraint in Cyberspace: Reducing Risk to Civilian Nuclear Assets (2014)

Australian Defence Policy in the Information Age (2014)

Resetting the System: Why Highly Secure Computing Should Be the Priority of Cybersecurity Policies

Cyber Policy in China (2014)(Book)

Cyber Detente between the United States and China: Shaping the Agenda (2012)

Russia, the United States, and Cyber Diplomacy: Opening the Doors (2010)

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