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We help senior executives of corporations and agencies create a new business function that puts the social value (and dollar value) of cyber ecosystems at the core of strategic planning and daily operations.

Fully customised advice can be designed and delivered. Our ready frameworks are in place and available for application to the specific needs of clients. These frameworks include the following key products:

  • Cyber Futures Analysis: the framework brings together a broad context of future scenarios and cyber itself, using full STEEP and not just technology scanning, and it locates the client within that to define alternative futures to test for options for resilience and for future positioning and preparation

  • Capability Assessment: this review takes the opportunities and threats from scenarios ahead, and it delves inside the organisation to assess the stated and actual capabilities and capacities for anticipation, response and pursuit to achieve the desired cyber and other objectives.

  • Cyber Stakeholder Matrix: a matrix of key government and non-government interests for organisations’ past, present and future has been developed for cyber, and can be applied to specific clients’ needs to define the ranking, rating and relationships for the entities and individuals who will determine future possibilities for the client in the cyber age.

  • Evaluation Quantification: ​dollar values over time on the alternative cyber futures for the client, both in business and social-environmental dimensions, are determined through attitudinal and data modelling, and it can be project, organisation, sectoral, national and/or global.

For full details simply contact SCG directly.

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