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Adam Turner

Dr Adam Turner is an Industry Senior Fellow with the Social Cyber Institute. His career spans over twenty years focused on technology, academia and financial services technology transformation working across Australia, the US, and Asia. His tenure in several senior executive roles in corporate enterprise globally (with Allianz Insurance, EMEA based with Gartner and JAPAC regionally with Google Cloud) has seen him deliver multiple AI solutions with tangible business value with the skill of being able to span technology, analytics and business perspectives. By bringing together his deep understanding of how data drives business value, infused with the necessary  leadership insight he has been able to challenge the status quo and drive data and cloud maturity throughout the enterprise. Along with being a thought leader on graph data science from his PhD research, Adam has significant experience in developing and growing the next generation of leaders and managing large teams through complex data integration programs, cloud migration, maturity and adoption programs. He has championed gender and cultural diversity and has successfully adapted the behaviours and ways of working with organisations to harness the true value of cloud technology adoption and the critical data and security practices that underpin this technology.

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