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Executive Certificates

Executive Certificates from the Social Cyber Academy offer recognition for completion of supervised learning through interactive lectures and seminars in a variety of packages. These can include combinations of Master Classes and/or Professional Courses (to make a total of three courses from either Master Classes or Professional Courses); or single tailored, on-demand Executive Certificate courses, such as those shown below.   

On-Demand Course:

The Social Cyber Institute (SCI) is pleased to offer an Executive Certificate  to help you reposition your strategies and your perspectives with essential knowledge in the field of resilience policy and practice.


The course can help equip you for related roles in government, business, or the community sector. It was first delivered in March 2021. The same course is available on demand, or it can be customised to the needs of a particular organisation or group.


The Award  itself is a vehicle for recognition of knowledge gained through 20 hours of engagement with learning materials and presentations prepared by leading educators and practitioners.


SCI leadership is from Australia, Indonesia and Singapore, and is led by prominent scholars. It is a start-up developed in the University of New South Wales Canberra, operating independently from it.

  • Intended for executives in government, business, defence, police and other front line services

  • Give your career a new cyber focus

  • Join the national conversation about resilience against threats from cyberspace, pandemic, climate change and drought

  • Learn with international specialists

  • Course co-designed and co-led by Prof Greg Austin, UNSW Canberra, and Senior Fellow, IISS and Prof Glenn Withers AO, Distinguished Professor of Economics at ANU

  • Senior Adviser: Adam P. Henry

  • Course managed by Lisa Materano, CEO of Blended Learning International

  • 20 hours face time (Introductory Meeting, 8 seminars, 7 case studies, Review)

  • Delivered over four consecutive weeks by Zoom with full interactive functionality

The course introduces students to concepts and case studies distilled from the global experience of disaster response and resilience. It has four main situational focal points: cyber, pandemic, climate change, and drought. It is multi-disciplinary in approach, with a strong emphasis on human capital. It analyses the integration from the outset of first order effects (cyber shutdowns, disease, ocean surges, bushfires) with second and third order effects in business, social life and national economies. While the course has a primary focus on disaster preparedness and resilience, the material is equally relevant to the resilience needs of political and economic shocks, including protracted military confrontations or war. The course steers participants to reliance on globally available IT-based analysis, research and communications as vital enablers of more effective response. International connectivity and advanced ICTs can be one source of disaster to economic shock but they are a much bigger part of all solutions.

For information please contact:

Lisa Materano

+61 438 134 558

Related Course:

SCG personnel are also active in some related spheres. This includes further executive courses. Currently a course on climate change mitigation is on offer;

CCM Brochure 170522.pdf.png

For further information on the details of this course, click the following link. 

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